Explorers Room Sheet

Please note that these works are no longer on exhibition at Woodford Academy and this room sheet is provided for reference purposes only.

Key to works:
  1. Vicky Browne, Birds and Space, Turntable, lathe-cut polycarbonate record, glass, laser toner powder, lead came and thermal foil.
  2. Melissa Grahovac, S/WEEP, porcelain clay, resin and found objects.
  3. Mahalya Middlemist, Boy, HD video three minutes.
  4. Ian Milliss, Statement of Insignificance, text-based work on paper.
  5. Michael Petchkovsky and Emma Rooney (see also no.13), Slow Burn for John and David, mixed media installation and projection
  6. Fiona Davies, Painting the Throat, zinc, glass, iodine, ink, rice and other papers.
  7. Anne Graham, The Beehive Lady and The Beehive Observatories, with music by Boris Hunt titled The Transit of Beeness, sound, LED globes, steel, fabric, beekeeper’s hat and beehive.
  8. Vivienne Dadour, Illustrated: Women, Work and War 1940-1946, prints, archival material, frames, text and found objects.
  9. Beata Geyer, Colouring Space: Empire Neptune Blue, mdf and acrylic paint.
  10. Danica Knezevic (see also under performances), Dissolution Line, and Windows, HD Video, 7:54 min and 4.05 min
  11. Dark Room (Sean O’Keeffe and Carolyn Eccles – see also under performances), The Catherine Collitts Project, grey human hair, lock 360 degree video, live performance, chair, soil and Tarmac.
  12. Daniel Kotja, Nimrod, tweet feed on iPad.
  13. Michael Petchkovsky and Emma Rooney (see also no.5), Pitch falling map line, mixed media installation and projection.
  14. Miriam Williamson (see also no. 17), Seeds of Empire, animal skins, botanical specimens, audio, antique furniture.
  15. Jacqueline Spedding, Skyscapes, charcoal on archival blotting paper, mixed media installation
  16. Sarah Breen Lovett, Contemplating the Void: recycled cotton on Eucalyptus bark & sticks, dimensions variable; sound recording 8 minutes loop (in garden)
  17. Miriam Williamson (see also no. 14), Seeds of Empire, animal skins, botanical specimens, audio, antique furniture (in garden).


Download an A4 PDF version of the exhibition room sheet here. Download the A3 PDF version of the initial open day room sheet designed by Fiona Davies here.